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Well, this is lame.

Man. I'm terrible at updating LJ. I just looked, and my last entry was LAST SUMMER before we went to Maine. I'm not sure what is says that the only thing in my life that needs more than one sentence is Maine.

That said, holy shit do I need to go on vacation. I'm short tempered and tired. It's making me irrational. I had a hissy fit this morning because we need to buy new tires. This really shouldn't come as a shock to me, as we drive nearly 100 miles/day. Making sure my car is safe and roadworthy should really be a priority, not something I'm forced into. Still, having to allocate our extra money this pay period to that, instead of one of our savings accounts makes me really bitchy.

The reality is: I'm just not good at being poor. I've learned to manage it, and live within our budget, but I'm not gracious about it. It drives me nuts to have to manage everything down to the dollar. It gets on my nerves that I can't go buy a new computer- even though mine was stolen, and needs to be replaced.

I mean- I say all of this after finally receiving our mortgage pre-approval. We get to buy a house. I should be very happy about this. Instead, I'm frustrated because what we can afford and what I want to buy will never line up. I'm certainly not looking for a mansion, or brand new place- but our price range pretty much guarantees anything we buy will have something wrong with it that we need to fix, and we might not be able to afford to do so if it's a problem that needs to be fixed right away. (IE- cosmetic upgrades are not a problem. Redoing a septic system is.)

Gah. I know that all of this will look different from the other side of a vacation. The tires will be done and I'll be able to allocate our money the way I want to. I need a brain reset. Also, maybe a hug.

16 days, 0 hours, 41 minutes, 20 seconds!

I could post about any number of things, but really- this is all I can think about right now.

OMG, Maine. I can haz vaykayshun?



Geocache, ho!

Carrie and I have snagged an absurd number of Geocaches since Monday. This 'not having a wedding to plan for' thing is pretty damn awesome. Of course, the trade off is that my legs are covered in scratches from where I've run into branches or the occasional wild blackberry bush.

Every time we go out caching, I start to wonder why we're the only ones in our group of friends that does this.. One $10 download to your smartphone, and you have a nearly inexhaustible supply of entertainment, practically anywhere you can get a signal. I love this game.




I think today is the first day in about 5 months that I don't have a list as long as my arm to work from. Just need to move a few things from the side of the house into the garage, and that's IT. Yesterday we did relax, a little, but there was a lot of clean up.

Still- I think it was a resounding success. It was so hot it was absurd, but everyone seemed to have a really good time. All our hard work was duly appreciated, people loved the "look" and feel of what we created.

Onward, with the relaxing!! I'm starting with pancakes! :D


So- I've figured out what it is that makes Pintrest so addicting to me.

For those of us who like to craft, build and create- Pintrest is like a giant idea playground. I can not even begin to express how many things I want to make now, how many new recipes we have to try, or how many great touches we're going to be able to add to our wedding because of Pintrest.

I finally got Carrie to sign up, and she too was immediately sold. I think by the time we get around to moving, we won't need to purchase any furniture if we're patient- she's ready to build it all from pallets and reclaimed wood! Who needs IKEA anyway!?

("But Meg..." I hear you saying, "You don't even own a mattress..." No matter! We'll build one out of ...uh.. Well, ok yeah. We'll probably need to buy a mattress.)

We have found detailed instructions for building a bed, tables, shelves, a porch swing, etc...
We've found recipes for everything from sweet potato burgers (they were delicious) to home-made ice cream (haven't tried it yet, but it's only a matter of time).
Top all that off with the 100+ craft ideas I've come up with to beautify and organize our spaces without spending a fortune.

Pintrest is total win.

HOWEVER- you know what isn't a total win? Sitting in my office looking at it when I can't get to any of my crafting supplies or a kitchen. I wonder if I could just restart my career as a craftperson?? ;)

I <3 you, Pintrest.

Things are looking up...

.. By which I mean, the pain meds aren't making Carrie sick anymore. Actually, she's off the Percoset except for night time (so she can get a solid night's sleep), and has been downgraded to Vicodin for the day. Honestly, I don't think she needs anything that strong even, unless we're out and about. She goes about 7 hours without needing a pill, so.. The doctor said yesterday that she's actually ahead of the curve as far as pain management.

New Xrays show that the break is diagonally across her left humerus. Thankfully, it's lining up well- the doc seemed happy with the progress. That seems to be the job of the sling and the first week or so- get the bone to line up properly. He said right now she's at an angle of about 10-15%. Yay! I guess she will eventually get a brace type thing, but not right away.

Anyway, she's feeling much MUCH better, which makes me feel much better. The Orthopedics office set us up on a payment plan that we can handle, so that's good. I'm sure the weekly xrays aren't going to be a pretty bill though.

All that being said: It is amazing to me how quickly I turn from a totally calm, rational person into a completely paranoid mess. She had xrays before her doc appointment yesterday. Obviously, I wasn't going to go with her into the xray room, so I just sat in the hospital waiting area for her to be done, so we could walk back over to the doc's office. She was gone MAYBE 8 minutes, and I started freaking out. All of the sudden I was convinced that something was wrong, she was in pain, they were making her move her arm in ways that hurt- it was ridiculous. Firstly, she's a grown woman who is perfectly capable of telling someone if they're hurting her. Secondly, the Xray techs are fairly experienced with broken bones! I got totally panicky, couldn't concentrate on my book, just kept fretting. All of the sudden she walks up perfectly fine, and I felt like an ass. :P It seems to be that if I'm not THERE to make sure everything is ok, I can't be sure things are ok.


In totally unrelated news- I'm OBSESSED with Polyvore. is the link to my "sets". See- little known to the people who actually see me on a regular basis- I love clothes. I love fashion. If I had unlimited money (read: didn't need to buy my clothes at Target and Old Navy), I would be adorable all the time. I've actually put together some sets on this site that I LOVE, and can perhaps someday create in the real world. For the record, I've not looked at the prices on anything until after I've made the sets up. This is the best internet time killer EVER.



Today has not been a particularly great day. It started normally, but took a drastic nose dive before we left the house for work.

Carrie had gone into the den to check the pellet stove, and Bronte (our oldest cat, for those who don't know) was sitting on the floor. He was laying with his legs splayed out- which is not unusual for him, but when Carrie picked him up, his back legs just hung there. She tried standing him up, and he couldn't. His hind legs were completely unresponsive.

A trip to two vets and a not small sum of money later... well. It's a crapshoot.

The diagnosis seems to be heart disease, causing a clot to his rear legs. He's staying overnight at the animal hospital. Assuming he doesn't get any worse, (so far, except being partially paralyzed, he's fine-ish) we will be able to collect him tomorrow after work. He'll stay with us until Monday, when we'll bring him BACK to the vet for an ultrasound. Basically that will determine what sort of heart disease we're looking at, and how treatable it is. He may, or may not, regain function of his hind legs.

Basically, the second vet (not our go-to, but the vet at the emergency clinic who actually is used to seeing these types of things) said that he is in the 20% category of cats with heart disease/clot that actually come in in a minimum amount of distress and have a higher likelihood of survival. Even then- it's not what I would call a "good" prognosis. It's "ok", at best. Though, his words the last time we spoke were "Your cat is not a lost cause." I guess that's something.

He said that heart disease is predominantly something that affects male cats, and the clots just happen sometimes. There isn't much you can do about it if you didn't already know it was an issue.

Best case-scenario: the heart disease is treatable with meds that are affordable, and the clot resolves itself over time. Hopefully in that case he gets the majority of his function back. Worst case, well- obviously worst case is that we have to put him down. That could happen for a multitude of reasons- anything from "his heart is too damaged to fix" (which the vet says is unlikely considering how alert/hungry/otherwise normal he's acting) to "all of this is WAY beyond our budget".

I hate, hate, HATE the idea that money could stand between life and death for my cat- we've already dumped nearly half our (meager) savings for him, and I'll gladly blow the rest. No one is in a hurry to kick us out of my dad's house, and the wedding can be simplified if need be- but I only have what I have. We're going to go visit him later tonight, but I hate this.

Gah. In short... ::whimper::

We also had to miss work, which means money not coming in. We did manage to design our wedding invitations though, so I guess that's something.


Maine nao?




Ok, LJ friends. I need help. I need advice. I need .. something. It doesn't really matter if you've known me forever, or if we've never met in real life- I just need some feedback.

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Confession Wednesday


- that I'm excited to see our friends Haley and Jesse play at a martini bar in Portsmouth on Monday, but am super, SUPER bummed that it conflicts with Jos's visit. This means no Josie time, and no Redd sitting. LAMESAUCE.

- that I really, REALLY hate it when the cats ignore their curfew. Usually when we get home, Bronte and Will turn up right away and come inside to eat/drink/snooze. If Oscar has gone out, he generally takes a little longer to come home. Frequently, I'm stressing when he finally comes prancing up out of the growing dusk. Last night when we got home, Bronte and Pix were inside where we left them, but we ended up going out and searching for the other two with flashlights. We didn't find them until after 10pm. Apparently they cut some of the hay up behind our neighbor's place. The likelihood that they were out there being ferocious hunters is pretty high. Still, it completely turns me into a bitchy stressball. I get cranky at Carrie because she doesn't immediately freak out, and then she gets upset. I totally understand that having them not come home is a risk I'm taking by allowing them to be outdoor cats, but I HATE it.

- work has been lousy (read: slow) this pay period. Part of this is probably the usual summer slow down, but it's making me nervous. I got used to being busy. We can't afford NOT to be busy.

- that we are attempting a mostly gluten free diet this week. No grains, except the granola that goes into our morning yogurt. We're also restricted to one "treat" per day, maximum. Thus far, this is much easier than the "no grains, no sugar, very limited dairy" attempt of a few weeks ago. We'll see.

- that I had an awesome time strawberry picking and hanging out with Carrie's cousin Bridget on Monday. She's really sweet and fun. She's just 22, maybe? That sounds right.. Carrie was about 15 when she was born. I think Bridget is the little sister she doesn't have.

- that I introduced Carrie to the gloriousness that is strawberries, sour cream and brown sugar last night. That was our daily treat, and frankly, our reward for wrangling in the two adventuring cats. SO YUMMY.

- that my dinner plans tonight include steak and chocolate. Thank god.

- that they are "modernizing" the elevator in our building. I think what this really means is that the landlord finally admitted that an elevator that stops working once a week is probably a hazard.

- that "Game of Thrones" was AMAZING. The final episode did not disappoint, and I was really, really pleased that Carrie was surprised by the last bit. :) I don't know that I can wait until next spring!

- that I'm REALLY ready for Maine. Maine now?

- that I think I could have used more coffee this morning.

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